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Paprika cod croquette
Cod onion sesame soup
White fish corn egg steamed rice
White fish cream sauce gratin
Beef vegetable cheese rice burger
Beef asparagus rice
Sea mustard Carrot rice
Abalone glutinous rice porridge
Chives clam noodles
Manila clam spinach Mixed rice
Anchovy cabbage seaweed laver porridge
Flying fish rose rice
Rice with mushroom
Rice ball with seaweed laver, beef and carrot
Rice with apple scramble
Rice with cod eggplant cucumber
Rice ball with anchovy and seaweed laver
Brown rice with beef, anchovy and vegetables
Steamed rice with anchovy and lettuce
Beef sweet pumpkin soup
Steamed rice with beef and eggplant
Vegetable porridge with salmon
Steamed rice with sweet potato and lettuce
Sweet potato rice with Manila clam and fried shrimp
Chicken spinach Soup
Soaked rice with broccoli and cheese
Soaked rice with chicken breast and mushroom
Soaked rice with asparagus and cheese
Green pumpkin chicken porridge (2)
Green pumpkin chicken porridge (1)
White fish Beet soup
Chicken lettuce porridge
연어살 김죽
연근비타민잎 닭가슴살죽
Fish and mushroom porridge
Steamed Tofu and vegetable
Beef and cabbage porridge
Pyogo and sweet potato porridge
Chicken and egg porridge
Cabbage and Tofu porridge
broccoli soup
Tofu sweet pumkin and chicken breast
Anchovy broccoli
Tuna and sea weed laver
Tofu and vegetable porridge
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