We sincerely appreciate all our customers for visiting
Ivenet Web site.
With Mom’s heart to give best thing to baby who is most valuable in the world,
With Mom’s heart to pursuit baby’s health and happiness by considering even single drop of water.
Ivenet was established with those Mom’s heart together with Pureness.
based on our founding philosophy of using 100% goat milk, Ivenet launched Pure
Goat Infant Formula with One Step process from collecting milk to production
followed by healthy and safe products. We, Ivenet, actualize “Pureness of Baby Food.
To attain our philosophy with eagerness and persistence, we, Ivenet, will strive to make a
leap toward building a sustainable basis for “Pureness of Baby Food” .
Consumer Satisfaction to Consumer impression
With aim for serving best products,. Ivenet promise to create a new era in food industry
as a company recognized by all our consumers and fulfills our responsibilities and duty
to provide optimum solution and various information on proper foods for a baby.
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